Monday, March 20, 2017

i'm not stupid.

right now, i feel like to cry with all my heart, to scream with all my voice, and to shoot you with all my guns. all i need now is an ear to listen how is my feeling right now. again, i'm speechless. i overheard something which is i should expect, i already expected and when it comes to real, suddenly it becomes unexpected.

maybe i should be thankful because now i know the real one, i know it earlier before things become more serious. maybe it doesn't suit me well, that's why He show to me right now. maybe i deserves something better. who knows? but still, it's hard for me to accept this. i feel like all this while i'm being cheated. i feel like i'm stupid, dumb, crazy, and all the negative ones. in fact, i'm not losing anything. i mean, eventhough i lose it, but it's not worth at all. so, why should i sad?

i think i really stupid because i'm posting it here. but u have no idea what i'm talking isn't it? hahaha.

english ke laut, ada hati. HAHAHA lagi sekali.

terima kasih sebab sudi menjenguk. terharu sangat!

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